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Unplugged, the University's board game club, offers team-based, cooperative and individual games for students. Of these, Secret Hitler and Codenames are club favorites, both requiring teams to collaborate and reach a goal before their opponent.
11/27/2017 11:15pm

Rutgers club de-stigmatizes board games

There are more than 500 student-run clubs and organizations offered on campus, and among these, Unplugged, the University board game club, is one dedicated solely to bringing students together to relax and play popular board games. 


Using the books of Mark, Mathew, Luke and John, Timothy McGrew explained "undesigned coincidences" and how small reoccurring details can support biblical text as a source of reliable information.
11/8/2017 12:17am

Skype lecture on College Avenue delves into the intersection between religion and philosophy

Western Michigan University's Philosophy Professor Dr. Timothy McGrew spoke to students via Skype this past Thursday at the College Avenue Student Center to speak about how multiple recounts of the same biblical events support the belief that these events happened. The event, "Undesigned Coincidences," is named after the term McGrew coined to discuss the historical credibility criteria he uses to assess text. These "undesigned coincidences" occur when missing information from one biblical reading is reinforced by others, thus linking together multiple sources and lending credibility to authors of the Bible. Julie Miller, the director of the Rutgers chapter of Ratio Christi, said McGrew drew from seven different examples.

Many of the items on student RUcketlists are experiences they have yet to have including petting a pig on Cook farm and diving with the University Scuba Team.
10/27/2017 1:06am

Rutgers students share what's on their RUcketlists

Many students have a list of Rutgers oriented events they wish to accomplish before they graduate. The RUcketlist is a record of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have accomplished during their time at Rutgers. It is the famous Rutgers student version of a Bucket List, or things to get done before graduation. The term “Bucket List” comes from the English idiom to “kick the bucket”. This is considered an informal or slang term meaning 'to die'. A bucket list a list of life events to accomplish before “kicking the bucket”. Pronounced “rucket list," many students have their own unofficial bucket lists to accomplish before they graduate.

Rutgers organizations are attempting to make midterm season a less stressful time of year for students like Amanda Osei-Bonsu (left) and Janibell Encarnacion (right), by providing events like animal therapy and guided self-care programs.
10/24/2017 12:39am

Looking to de-stress during midterm season? Rutgers has you covered

This midterm season, organizations around Rutgers University are hosting events and giving out tips to help students de-stress during exams. The Counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program and Psychiatric Services (CAPS), has a page on their website dedicated to tips on how to prepare for exams and cope with academic pressure.

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