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Brianna Bornstein

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A decrease in local shows hosted by Rutgers has helped boost student participation at underground shows. Alongside vinyl and other musical mediums, live music has helped fill the physical void left by the digital age. 

At this week's meeting, the Rutgers University Student Assembly approved their 2017 election guidelines, coordinated a presentation from the Office of Disability Services and allocated funds towards the upcoming Into the Light 5K for mental health awareness.

A little over a year ago, Rutgers created a food pantry to help students who could not consistently afford to eat. The pantry provides non-perishable food and more.

The Neilson Dining Hall has implemented a full restructuring of their takeout menu to give students increased access to healthier meals. Within the first two weeks, takeout business jumped 20 percent. 

Students and faculty attended annual RU Sustainable? symposium to talk about the future of environmental sustainability at Rutgers. The event featured a series of speakers and facilitated discussions.

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