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Online courses are useful resources for students who do not participate in traditional classrooms, experience social anxiety or have difficulty with verbal fluency. DANTE DE LA PABA / FEBRUARY 2018

Using synchronous lecture halls, professors can teach two classes from the same room. Students taking a class on Livingston can see their classmates in that same class on Douglass via projections on a screen.

Despite acts such as the anti-Muslim flyers at the Paul Robeson Cultural Center in February, the University has not seen an increase in bias incidents compared to last year.  Bias incidents include graffiti, offensive posters and flyers containing derogatory comments. 

Mondays at 6 p.m., students can gather at 17 Bartlett St. to participate in Breathing Room focuses on weekly LGBT topics to encourage student discourse. This week, the organization discussed Ally Week, a national effort to encourage students to be allied with the LGBT community.

A University spokesperson said the power outage resulted from a piece of equipment malfunctioning during installation. The outage affected multiple residence halls, the Busch Student Center and parts of the Davidson complex.

The Paul Robeson Leadership Institute (PRLI) is a program that helps first-generation students at Rutgers to assume leadership positions. The institute was established last year with the goal of empowering historically marginalized demographics.

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