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RUSA President Suzanne Link will undertake the responsibilities of president and vice president while the organization reassigns someone to the position. 

President of Rutgers Students with Children Anjanette Vaidya graduated this past Sunday after initially enrolling at the University in 2002. During her time at Rutgers, she pushed for institutionalized support of student parents. Here she stands next to the organization's Vice President Indira Grullon.

Students residing in Hardenbergh Hall received an email earlier today informing them that Kyle Gotchel, a Rutgers Business School sophomore, died. 

Feeling the urge to procrastinate on tasks or responsibilities may have more to do with distractive habits, like cell phones and social media, that draw an individual’s attention than anything else, says Arthur Tomie, an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. 

Islam Awareness Week is a yearly event at Rutgers and has been for more than a decade with the goal of promoting an understanding of Islam and debunking stereotypes that it embodies a certain ethnicity. It is hosted by the Rutgers University Muslim Student Association. 

Students from Rutgers Democrats and Rutgers Republicans discussed gun control, minimum wage and higher education among other topics at last night’s debate. 

Notes and Tutors is a collaborative note-sharing site similar to Course Hero and StudyBlue but made exclusively for Rutgers. Students can submit notes from previous courses in exchange for material that might help them in their current classes. FACEBOOK

Before every football game, the band plays as the Scarlet Knights make their way onto the field. They perform during halftime and play the University’s alma mater “On the Banks of the Old Raritan” at the end of every game.

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