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Mussab Ali, a Rutgers—Newark College of Arts and Sciences senior, Haoyang Yu a Rutgers alumnus (top) and Nicholas Pellitta, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, were all selected as the University’s first Schwarzman Scholars. 

Clark Abrams, chief of the Money Laundering and Financial Investigations Unit for the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor of New York City, works to stop the heroin epidemic in the city. He also investigates trafficking, as NYC is a distribution hub for the drug. 

Eddie Palmieri, a Grammy award-winning pianist, band leader and composer hosts weekly Jazz Assembly Days at Mason Gross School of the Arts. At his master class, Palmieri focuses on the piano, where he discusses music dynamics and helps performers improve their work.

Charity: Water Rutgers is the first collegiate chapter of Charity Waters — an organization that supports clean water initiatives around the world, with more than 30,000 projects in more than 28 countries.

The Rutgers Quidditch team plays a reimagined version of the fictional sport from J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter." It is set to play in the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship this week. If the team wins, it will qualify for the Quidditch nationals.

The first ever Ballot Bowl was a competition between the state's colleges and universities to register the most student voters for the upcoming midterm elections. Winners were announced at the College Avenue Student Center on Tuesday.

Lisa Daftari, editor-in-chief at the Foreign Desk and a Fox News analyst, was paid $5,000 for her lecture about radical free speech on college campuses despite being indefinitely postponed by the University earlier this month. 

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