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 Rutgers University Police Department helped to close down George Street during the march, where students walked to "take back the night" from rape culture, victim-blaming and fear of walking alone after dark. 

 Members of the organization End Assault at Rutgers spoke at the open hearing Wednesday night, claiming that Rutgers mishandles investigations regarding accusations of sexual assault against its faculty members. 

 Ase Awari, a School of Engineering sophomore (center), was re-elected as secretary of the assembly unanimously during the most recent Rutgers University Student Assembly meeting. His responsibilities include maintaining all non-financial records. 

 Sandy Giacobbe, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, was appointed by the Executive Board of Rutgers University Student Assembly as an interim senator, since it was a role not filled during the most recent election. 

 Michael Townley, member of the Rotary Club and chair of the event, said he had been working at concessions with the University for more than 18 years. For half that time, the Interact Club has also supported their project. 

 At the tournament, members discussed a wide variety of subjects even when they were not debating, such as philosophy, religion and politics. The interaction between members at the tournament has brought them closer as a group. 

Mussab Ali, a Rutgers—Newark College of Arts and Sciences senior, Haoyang Yu a Rutgers alumnus (top) and Nicholas Pellitta, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, were all selected as the University’s first Schwarzman Scholars. 

Clark Abrams, chief of the Money Laundering and Financial Investigations Unit for the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor of New York City, works to stop the heroin epidemic in the city. He also investigates trafficking, as NYC is a distribution hub for the drug. 

Eddie Palmieri, a Grammy award-winning pianist, band leader and composer hosts weekly Jazz Assembly Days at Mason Gross School of the Arts. At his master class, Palmieri focuses on the piano, where he discusses music dynamics and helps performers improve their work.

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