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Paul Rando, a Rutgers graduate decided to coordinate with the non-profit Trade-ing Up to create a school in Yeji, Ghana where students can learn important vocational skills. Rando is working to raise awareness of the project while encouraging donations for the Sponsor-a-Student program.

The Rutgers Design and Arts Club focuses on student engagement outside of Mason Gross. The organization accepts all members of the Rutgers community with fun activities to bring out the artists in anyone.

Earlier this week, Rutgers hosted a forum at the Rutgers Labor Studies building, where candidates in the Lieutenant Governor’s race discussed the future of healthcare.

The New Jersey elections are set to take place on Nov. 7 and the ballot will include the highly anticipated gubernatorial race along with 120 state legislature seats.

The primary goals of the Rutgers Eating Disorder Organization (REDO) are to push for better resources, erase stigmas and raise awareness of eating disorders on campus. Eating disorders are the deadliest mental health problem and they affect millions of individuals each year.

This week, RU Progressive invited Yousef Saleh to the University to speak about what it is like to campaign and engage in local politics. Saleh is a Rutgers alumnus who is running for a position on the Board of Education in Jersey City.

Rutgers recently started its own chapter of Pretty Girls Sweat, an organization that was inspired by former first lady Michelle Obama. The club gives students the resources and support they need to work out and live healthily.

Last week, the New Jersey Public Interest Research Group raised awareness of a new report at a media event on George Street. The report analyzes the overuse of antibiotics in livestock based on data from 25 business chains.

On Wednesday, Rutgers students had the opportunity to learn self-defense from members of the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD). The Knights' Watch Academy, which took place at The Yard, also provided students with information about safety resources on campus.

In addition to teaching students about the off-campus resources that are available to them, the Rutgers Good Neighbor Program advocates for students that run into problems with independent living.

Friday's cookout, organized by the Arab Cultural Club, will combine freshly-cooked food, lively music and hookah. The event is in its tenth year and intends to educate the Rutgers community about Arab culture while creating a fun social environment for everyone.

At Rutgers, She's the First (STF) advocates for the education of young women in impoverished countries. The organization's activism focuses primarily on high school, where many women are discouraged from staying in school due to factors like transportation, cost and domestic pressure.

The Clothesline Project took place at Voorhees Mall last Thursday and included shirts decorated by students up to 20 years ago with messages by and for survivors of domestic violence. Nearly 1,000 students viewed the exhibit throughout the day.

As part of the "Into the Light" campaign for suicide awareness, The Greene Turtle Sports Bar in North Brunswick will be donating 20 percent of its profits to charity today. The event runs frun 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. and was coordinated by two Rutgers students.

Liam Burnell, the author of Take Courage America made a pit-stop on campus at Rutgers while journeying from Maine to California on foot.

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