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Elijah’s Promise provides healthy and nutritious meals to New Brunswick residents in need and intends to continue the tradition under leadership from the organization’s new executive director Michelle Wilson.

At Rutgers and across the country, recipients of the DACA program await a decision from Congress regarding the program’s future. Everyday, 122 people lose protection from deportation and access to legal work as the program nears its expiration.

U.S. District Judge Esther Salas’s decision to temporarily halt the deportation of three men that found refuge in a Highland Park church will benefit other Christian Indonesian families in New Jersey. They can now file motions to reopen other cases.

Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots led all defensive backs with six tackles last night. During his time at Rutgers he totaled 149 tackles, one sack, six interceptions and two touchdowns. 

The Collaborative Center for Community-Based Research held an event on Wednesday that focused on the current state of food insecurity in New Jersey and other communities. Research about food access, affordability, nutritional value and food safety were among the topics discussed during the event. 

In 2015, the electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry pooled approximately $3.7 billion in revenue with projections upward of $27 billion by 2022. 

To ensure its support of the DACA program, Yuriana Garcia Tellez was hired as the University’s new immigration case manager. University President Robert L. Barchi also reached out to students encouraging them to contact their local state officials. 

$4,762,000 will be divided between all five schools to fund drug recovery programs. Rutgers-New Brunswick already has its own drug housing program and has been the only NJ college to have one since 1988.

According to Elizabeth Beasley, director of the Rutgers—New Brunswick Summer and Winter Sessions, students who enrolled in both sections of a two-part course at Rutgers earned one letter grade better than students who took one section at a community college.

If net neutrality repeal passes on Dec. 14, students will be required to pay for internet service as they would for a utility such as water.

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