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Christopher J. Molloy, Chancellor of Rutgers University—New Brunswick, said though he did not initially intend on going to graduate school, he changed his mind and enrolled in the pharmacology and toxicology program at Rutgers. 

 The conference featured a panel discussion with a multitude of researchers. The New Jersey Center on Gun Violence Research is one of only two centers in the nation set up to conduct research specifically on guns. 

The purpose of the event "Pizza and Politics: Fostering Civil Dialogue on Campus" was to promote civil political discourse on campus. It was not the first time the event has been held though, as many campuses put together similar events.

The purpose of the events from Dream Week are to promote racial issues and equality, while also celebrating the civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. These events also commemorate Paul Robeson, a Rutgers alumnus and political activist. 

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