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Jill Herb

JIll Herb

Social Media Editor in Training

Born and raised in a small town right outside of NYC, Jill Herb's mind runs as fast as her surroundings. While it may seem like she’s crazy, she claims it's just having passion. Jill is always looking for a good conversation or new food to try, but almost always looking for a place to take a nap. Her favorite place to fall asleep is in the car — simply because of her love for road trips. Fueled by impulsive decisions and frequent power naps, she stays up late at night listening to music or scrolling through Tumblr. Jill craves adventures and new challenges (or at least saying she’s attempted them). While she’s living life, she keeps a good archive of her experiences on Twitter and makes fun of herself with #jillherbproblems.

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Strips of posterboard are glued to foam to make the sign three- dimensional.

The finished marquee sign above is complemented by a pastel-colored tapestry in the background.

In the dark, the lightbulbs shine brightly, enhancing the sign’s blue color.

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