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Jerry Zheng, a content editor at One Class, said that in a national survey conducted, students said they were aware of the privileges of being rich, which was why they believed admissions bribery happens at their university.

Jhanvi Virani, a School of Arts and Sciences junior and future president of Rutgers University Student Assembly, said she was looking forward to seeing the energy from the elections carry on to the start of her term next semester.

James Goydos, a former director of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, resigned last December when he realized that he would be removed from his tenured position.

Monsef Oukil, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, said the meningitis vaccination promotion would provide information to students on which clinics they can go to on campus to receive medical assistance.

Brynne DiMenichi, a doctoral candidate at Rutgers—Newark and one of the study’s authors, has found that those who wrote about their stress were less affected by new stress. 

Jeff Brown, assistant commissioner for New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program, joins the state’s new health commissioner alongside fellow Rutgers affiliates.

Marques Jules is the senior class gift campaign coordinator for the Rutgers Class of 2018 Scarlet Senior Campaign. As a graduating senior, he works to inform his fellow classmates of the importance that a donation can have on the student experience.

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