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Brynne DiMenichi, a doctoral candidate at Rutgers—Newark and one of the study’s authors, has found that those who wrote about their stress were less affected by new stress. 

Jeff Brown, assistant commissioner for New Jersey’s Medicinal Marijuana Program, joins the state’s new health commissioner alongside fellow Rutgers affiliates.

Marques Jules is the senior class gift campaign coordinator for the Rutgers Class of 2018 Scarlet Senior Campaign. As a graduating senior, he works to inform his fellow classmates of the importance that a donation can have on the student experience.

Shortly after the government shutdown, Rutgers chancellor Debasish Dutta announced that he appointed a new caseworker,Yuriana Garcia Tellez, to advocate for the 500 undocumented students who attend Rutgers.

Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Jeffra Shaefer, co-authored a research paper predicting the ways coastal estuaries will be altered by global warming. She said changes in the food web will contribute to increases in methylmercury in ecosystems.

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