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Margarita Rosario

Margarita Rosario

Margarita Rosario is a School of Arts and Sciences senior studying political science and philosophy. She is foremost known for her activism, but you might also recognize her for her impeccable sense of style and extremely good looks. She enjoys reading heavy books, going to class and talking to 60-year old, dying professors. She is also a huge fan of Woody Allen movies and will force just about anyone to watch Annie Hall with her. Margarita, also known as "Lila", is extremely friendly and loves, looooves, her friends. She, of course, likes to make new friends. Over coffee. She really, really likes coffee. Margarita is also really afraid of screens and mind-consuming technological devices, so just don't bring that stuff up, OK? Finally, Margarita is on a life-long mission to make the world a better place, so talk to her about making the world a better place.

Her column, “A Woman’s Place is in Politics,” runs on alternate Mondays.

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