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Mica Finehart

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Stock photo of the gates at Old Queens. From July 26, 2019. 

 One of the opportunities offered by University Career Services is the Internship and Co-op Program, which is an online pass/fail internship course students can take for academic credit during the fall, spring and summer sessions. 

 Earlier this semester, it was reported that Nabil Adam had been cleared of multiple accusations and was being investigated for allegedly retaliating against his accuser. The University responded that it maintains confidentiality for all parties involved in the matter. 

 The first-year interest group seminar, or FIG, program first began in 2000. The seminars, which are worth one credit and are graded on a pass/fail basis, are only offered during the fall semester. 

Pat Hobbs said that being part of the Big Ten Conference would help with revenue, because there would be a gradual increase in distribution for the University. He also emphasized being successful in both the basketball court and football field.

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