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Ahutosh Goel, an assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, along with his research team, discovered a new method for storing radioactive materials more cheaply and easily than current containment methods.

Mason Gross School of the Arts senior Anna Gichin is preparing for her senior project, a dance program she is helping to choreograph. Gichin is deaf and requires a hearing aid, but this has not prevented her from succeeding in her chosen field

Cook College graduate Jennifer Rakeman now heads up the New York Public Health Lab, which is running tests to try and help researchers understand the virus. They also offer public health services, including screenings for various diseases.

Rutgers graduate Matt Valentine is studying to be a physician’s assistant after graduating this past May. The alumnus, who has cerebral palsy, credits the Office of Disability Services for assisting him with his undergraduate studies.

A new study found that the Arctic circle’s melting not only increased sea levels, but will also have an impact on how much ice can build up in Greenland. The changing weather patterns due to the ice-melt prevent cold air from reaching the island-nation.

Roger Clark, a distinguished professor at Rutgers School of Law, has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his advocacy work against nuclear testing.

Lena Struwe discovered a flower frozen in amber 15 million years ago. The sample should help scientists learn more about conditions on Earth at the time.

Jacques Chakhalian was named as the first new Claud Lovelace Endowed Chair in Experimental Physics. Chakhalian is currently a professor at the University of Arizona.

SciWomen aims to help increase the number of women earning degrees in science, technology, engineering or mathematical fields.

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