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Only 2 percent of University students enroll in study-abroad programs. Rutgers Global offers hundreds of opportunities that students can apply to at any point during their academic careers.

Neilson Dining Hall’s switch to healthy takeout choices last semester was an exercise in menu diversity. It has since readjusted its menu to incorporate the new options alongside some old favorites, such as buffalo wings. PINTEREST

Eighty percent of Rutgers students receive some kind of financial aid. The University helps offset gaps from state funding with its own grant programs and has secured annual increases in the Tuition Aid Grant program for students.

As part of a relatively new trend, students are using event pages on Facebook to organize meme-based gatherings like “leedle leedle leedle, lee at The Yard like Patrick.” At Rutgers, these posts have gotten thousands of engagements, despite only a select few attending.

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