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It was found that less millennials were involved in relationships, because they were more concerned about going to university and succeeding in their careers before settling down and getting married.

 Certain concepts regarding the universe, such as its origins, the definition of space and time, the direction of time and the laws of nature, require aspects of philosophy in order to clearly interpret them. 


Due to increased melting of the Arctic, jet streams are weaker, which leads to extreme weather patterns such as droughts, long heatwaves and prolonged cold spells.

 The master's program for computer science at the University has four distinct tracks: machine learning, vision and graphics, systems and security. It aims to give students a perspective of the field, as well as its structure and problems. 

 Some misconceptions people have about sexual health are that birth control pills cause weight gain, Plan B pills are a form of abortion, and forms of birth control are too costly. In fact, condoms are cheaper than diapers. 

 The findings are a potential way for researchers to identify biomarkers, such as proteins or modified genes, that could predict a person's risk for binge or heavy drinking. 

Last week, student veterans took to the golf course on Busch campus where they networked and built relationships with one another with help from Professional Golfers Association (PGA) and Ladies Professional Golfers Association (LPGA) instructors.

Amy Jordan, a professor in the Department of Journalism and Media Studies, found that children are more likely to engage in behaviors that reflect the media they absorb. PIIXABAY

In addition to high temperatures, August brought above average rainfall. It was marked the wettest month in New Jersey since 2011, with more than a 10-inch difference between the wettest and driest locations around the state. PIXABAY

The North American Interfraternity Council announced policy earlier this month that restricts its partnering fraternities from consuming drinks with an alcohol by volume of more than 15 percent. PIXABAY

Both University Chancellor Debasish Dutta and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Felicia McGinty attended yesterday’s service to honor the lives of 11 students who died this school year. 


Juggling a social media presence and privacy can be difficult. Norah Kerr-McCurry, a professor in the School of Management and Labor Relations, advises students keep their information basic. PIXABAY

Bitcoin is one of many recently popularized cryptocurrencies that have integrated themselves into the marketplace. It is a decentralized currency and does not flow from a physical banking system — sparking concern by some over its reliability.

Police chiefs across the state are looking at new ways to discern the effects of driving while under the influence of marijuana as New Jersey moves closer toward legalizing the Schedule I drug. Some students feel driving under the influence of alcohol is a more pressing issue. PIXABAY

As a way to stay updated on new technology and build versatility into their resumes, students in the School of Arts and Sciences can log onto one of the hundreds of tutorials available on 

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