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Students at the University printed approximately 15 million pieces of paper in 2008, but a new program has cut this number by 43 percent — saving more than 3,400 trees.

For the last decade, New Jersey residents have paid the highest property taxes in the nation, but both candidates in the gubernatorial election have proposed plans that intend to reform state taxes.

Rutgers is promoting a new inclusion campaign that focuses on fostering a more complete sense of community on campus. One component of the campaign is a literary and photographic initiative entitled the #RUIDProject.

Throughout the year, Rutgers Cooperative Extension holds composting training classes for local residents at its agricultural experiment station. In addition to teaching individuals how to implement composting into their homes and businesses, the program provides key information on the benefits and specifics of the practice.

Advancement in technologies have helped in the analysis of larger and larger data sets. 

Photo Illustration | The Rutgers Fusion Club aims to celebrate diversity and to create discussion surrounding the identities of multiracial and multiethnic students on campus. The underlying goal of the club is a community of solidarity and mutual support.

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