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Riddhi Jain

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Bees are essential to human survival, but in recent years nearly half of all colonies have not survived through winter.

According to mental health-awareness group Active Minds, 33 percent of college students have reported depression, while 25 percent live with a mental illness. Fifty percent have suicidal thoughts, though only 10 percent.

New Jersey had 3.3 million people vote in the 2012 presidential elections, with nearly 2 million votes for Democrats and 1.3 million for Republicans. At the time, there were a little over 1 million registered Democrats and 1.7 million registered Republicans.

Students discussed the differences between North and South Jersey, debating the borders and characteristics of each region.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital hopes to add 100,000 square feet over the next two years. They are in the process of developing exact plans.

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