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Rutgers University

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Valued more than $34 million, the Zimmerli's newest collection of nonconformist Soviet artwork is comprised of 17,300 pieces from mid-late 20th century. The collection, donated by art collector Nancy Dodge, expands on artwork she donated to the University in 1991.

The StormTracker 4 will be placed on Cook campus and will be used by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) as well as Rutgers Meteorology students. Rutgers is the only university that meets federal meteorology requirements.

Last weekend, the Rutgers dance and cheerleading teams travelled to Florida to compete against 30 universities in the UCA & UDA College National Cheerleading and Dance Team Championships.

Last week, the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) prepared CAPS faculty for an on-campus shooter scenario by conducting a live action drill.

Paul Tractenburg, a Rutgers professor, found that New Jersey schools were among the most segregated in the country. He attributed this to the way the state divides its districts, relying soley on geographic locations to place students. 

Active Minds works closely with Rutgers Counciling, ADAP and Psychiatric services to give students resources to cope with depression and anxiety. One of the club’s main goals is to break down the stigma surrounding mental health so students can communicate more openly about their situations. 

Metered parking on College Avenue from Huntington Street to Hamilton Street will be removed to accomodate the new bus and bike lanes. The University plans to compensate by opening metered parking behind the Rutgers Student Center. 

A residence hall on the College Avenue campus caught on fire early Monday morning after a failure in a nearby electrical substation ignited flames.

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