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Susmita Paruchuri

Susmita Paruchuri

Susmita is a School of Arts and Sciences senior double majoring in journalism and media studies and mathematics with a minor in Hindi. She loves plants and considers herself to be a plant mom even though she's still working on keeping them alive for more than a week. Susmita pulls off her stylish nose ring very well … almost too well. She is also a dancer and has watched Mad Men twice, which sounds like a lot to anyone who doesn’t actually binge-watch TV shows. Watch her embarrassing attempts to connect with the youths on Twitter @susmitapar, or you can email her at

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After New Jersey repealed a law which penalized Rutgers for having international students, but after 2011, Rutgers has steadily increased the number of students from overseas.

The increasing use of smartphones and other portable internet-connected devices have allowed African-American millennials to broadcast police killings more widely than was possible in years past.

The 40,000,000 Americans with student debt owe a combined total of $1.2 trillion to various sources. The federal government is providing certain services to make it easier for students to either pay off their debts, or have them forgiven.

More than 1.2 million people are HIV positive in the United States, with the vast majority of patients being between the ages of 20 and 39. Fewer patients are in their 60s or younger than 20.

Sexual assaults at Rutgers have been increasing since 2011, with the largest jump coming from 2013 to 2014. While numbers dropped into 2015, they are still greater than in the previous three years.

Elijah’s Promise soup kitchen asked 120 clients to complete a survey about opioid use in the Hub City. About 63 percent of the 117 respondents said they noticed an increase use of opiates by residents in New Brunswick.

The Rutgers University Mathematics Association allows undergraduate math majors to meet and discuss their studies or learn from visiting lecturers. Any student who has questions or needs help with problems can ask members for assistance.

While the United States is slowly developing renewable energy sources, natural gas and coal still provide the bulk of the nation’s power. The fossil fuels result in waste products that impact the environment.

About 80 percent of students graduate from Rutgers within six years of entering it, according to the U.S. Department of Education. This is up from 77.2 percent of students who graduated within six years in 2009.

Bees are essential to human survival, but in recent years nearly half of all colonies have not survived through winter.

Students rated different public figures on whether they believed them to be feminists or not based on their public remarks and past actions. This was part of a course discussing women’s rights, where students also visited the United Nations.

More than 2,500 students could be impacted by the cuts proposed by Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) to the Educational Opportunity Fund budget.

Scientists have begun using a new method, called CRISPR, to change genetic code. This can some day be applied to help people with genetic disorders. 

Roughly 27 million people are trafficked globally, according to the Department of Criminal Justice. The average victim’s age is between 12 and 14. According to, about 8.5 offenders are convicted for every 100 victims identified.

The results of the 2015 iSpeak survey found that nearly one-quarter of women were victims of sexual violence before college. Of the 20 percent to experience this violence on campus, only 11 percent spoke with University officials.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital hopes to add 100,000 square feet over the next two years. They are in the process of developing exact plans.

A Rutgers student was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis last week, and hospitalized on Friday. In 2013, there were 550 cases of bacterial meningitis in the entirety of the United States.

One in five women reported unwanted sexual contact while at Rutgers, according to the iSpeak survey. Of these, 23 percent did not discuss this contact with their friends.

Verizon’s HopeLine donates used cell phones to victims of domestic violence, and has provided more than $24 million over 15 years to survivors and support groups.

Several countries, as well as five states in the U.S., have legalized euthanasia, sometimes known as physician-assisted suicide. Several more countries define “assisted suicide” differently than euthanasia, with only the former being legal.

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