Meeting discusses various problems

Sears parking lot safety issues, curriculum changes and body elections were among the topics of discussion at the Cook College Council meeting last night in the Cook Campus Center.

A Douglass College Government Association member informed the council of a possible safety problem facing the students who park in the parking lot.

Cook Dean of Students Lee Schneider said, "The Sears parking lot is not a safe area. The area is poorly lighted and is neither observed or patrolled, making it dangerous for students coming to the parking lot late in the night."

The council has invited Parking and Transportation Services Director Bob Spear to discuss the parking lot issue at the next meeting. Spear has yet to confirm.

Another matter discussed at the meeting was the probable change in the college's curriculum. The college is tentatively relaxing its requirements so that its students can have a wider selection of humanities courses. The Academic Affairs Committee has already approved these changes. Yesterday, the Cook faculty - which has the final power to approve all changes to the curriculum - voted on the matter.

Council Chairman Justin Gayliard, a fifth-year student, said this year's council would focus on many issues - with a potentially significant focus on parking and transportation concerns and the consequences of the Route 18 construction.

The council also discussed details of the body elections taking place next week. The elections are scheduled for Sept. 24-26. The tentative time frame and place of the election is 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., at the Postal, Administration and Laundry Building on Cook campus.

To give more people an opportunity to get to the polls, council members discussed a change in voting time. One possible time frame that was agreed upon, awaiting logistical approval, was 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. An online voting plan, similar to the one implemented by the Livingston College Governing Association, was discussed for future elections.

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