Muslim Americans deserve equal representation

I just want to commend Eric Knecht on his column in yesterday's Targum. I'm the president of the Muslim Student Association at Rutgers University, so I know and interact with many religious and cultural organizations on campus, and I can confidently say you have represented the thoughts and views of thousands of students (Definitely every Arab and Muslim at Rutgers).

I can't express how difficult it has been for many Arabs and Muslims to voice their opinions to the larger public to address the widespread negative rhetoric in the mainstream media about being Arab, the religion of Islam and Muslims. How DVDs like Obsession and efforts like Islamo-fascism week aren't even close to what Muslims believe. 

Sad to say, I have lost trust in many media and news organizations, so it is heartening to see the Targum publishes columns like yours to promote free speech and allows people to represent the views of so many individuals. Keep up the great work and effort. I hope it will be reason for identifying and eradicating the hidden, but still dangerous, racism that still lingers in our society.

Look forward to more from you.

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