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Halloween not that bad

I have read both the opinions column and editorial concerning the events of Friday night. It struck me that somehow the blame for alcohol-induced violence and acts of sexual harassment are tied to "smelly guys dressed as The Jokers" and "piggish guys" that "treat [women] like objects." It bothers me that the blame is placed indiscriminately on males whose only purpose in life (apparently) is to go around and attack the innocent, sober and well-behaved co-eds around campus. I walked around College Avenue that night as well and guess what? Everyone was being … well, drunk. And slutty. The men and the women. Alcohol impacts everyone in the same way, and the idea that guys were somehow responsible for all the havoc that night is simply an attempt to distract us from the real issues of safety and civility.

So apparently there is real pressure for women to go out looking like strippers into a city full of aggressive intoxicated males. I did not get that memo. Apparently, no one is aware of the dangers associated with wearing fishnets at 3 a.m. down Easton Avenue after having a half-bottle of Jager. Right. We are all adults here and are the only ones to blame for our decision to go to a frat party dressed like a "sexy nurse." And please, stop with the "women are expected by society to act like hoes". The idea that college students are not able to think for themselves and need to submit to society is preposterous. The "peer pressure" excuse might have worked in middle school, but it's a bit too late for it now. We need to stop pretending and making up excuses for our own faults in judgment and inability to act as members of a civil society.

I will not claim that the male population of Rutgers is innocent. There is no excuse for any display of disrespect toward women, acts of aggression or vandalism. Undoubtedly, a majority of reported incidents involved intoxicated guys dressed up like Batman characters. But the idea that all the Rutgers female students were somehow unsuspecting victims of male aggression is simply out of touch with reality.

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