McCain set to reign

Admittedly, we don't feel so bad about the possibility of a McCain presidency as we did a few weeks ago. Instrumental to our change of heart has been the leveling out of the Iraq situation, with the ruling government coalition rejecting a dubious security pact that allowed for the possibility of the American occupation continuing past 2011. But by embracing McCain, with all of the emphasis he placed upon his military service record, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will embrace a military solution to any future problems that befall our nation rather than exhaust all possibilities for diplomacy.

He's also, well, old. Not in the funny "oh look how silly he is," Wilford Brimly kind of way, but old in the sense that his values are dated. Living through the Korean and Vietnam wars, McCain grew up in politics with a Cold War mindset.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, there is simply no place for the kind of black and white reasoning that has dominated the political discourse throughout those troubled times. We've listened to Bush pontificate about either being with us or against us, and it's about time we started to come up with an option that's somewhere in between. Call it respectful dissent — call it anything, but let's get it started.

McCain ran a respectful campaign in 2000, making good on his promise not to let his campaign turn negative even in the face of relentless attacks aimed at him by Karl Rove. He seemed like he'd maintain that old mindset this time around as well, until the mudslinging began around August.

The fact that he has resorted to such strong negative campaigning tactics causes us to question his character and his ability to make good on other promises he makes during his campaign.

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