Ready to Barack 'n' Roll

Only once in a blue moon does a candidate come along that people can truly get excited about. Rush Holt comes readily to mind, and to a lesser extent, Ron Paul. Unfortunately, neither of these distinguished individuals is running for president. The point is, more often than not, we the voting public are left to decide between the lesser of two evils rather than vote for a candidate who is really inspiring. Which is why we want to clarify our position on Barack Obama. We like him, but not because we swallowed his message of change hook, line and sinker: He is the lesser of two evils (three, if you count Palin), plain and simple.

But just because he's not the ideal candidate is no reason to break out those dogfaces of doom and gloom. He supports several initiatives that have been a long time coming, such as health care reform and fostering diplomatic relations with our enemies, and his plan to cut taxes for all Americans making less than $250,000 a year is just what our country needs to help get the average "Main Street" Americans through the tumultuous economic climate.

Clichéd as it's all become lately, we are in dire need of a change from the outdated conservative politics of the Bush administration. McCain just isn't different enough from Bush for us to consider him as a viable alternative, and Obama's popularity with the other world leaders is a refreshing change.

We can't afford to carry on with the same old reputation in the rest of the world that we have had under Bush. Obama could foster inclusiveness rather than further our policies of isolation. He's also noticeably more intelligent and articulate than former presidents who shall remain nameless, and if there's a problem he's not equipped to deal with, we have the confidence that he'll be man enough to talk to someone who is, regardless of their political affiliation.

The potential problem we see with Obama is that while his promises seem to make a good deal of sense, they have yet to be proven in practice. His real ace in the hole over John McCain — a plan to pull out of Iraq and focus our efforts in Afghanistan — has fallen through, as the Iraqi government will likely reject any attempts to keep American military personnel in country past 2011.

Another problem that could arise should Obama win the presidency and the Democrats pull in a majority of Senate seats could be a lack of bipartisan oversight for new legislation — the same problem that we saw during the first term of President George W. Bush. His lack of experience is also far from ideal.

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