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Christie strongest candidate for NJ governor

As the vice president of the Rutgers College Republicans, I admit to feeling obliged to support Republican candidate for whom I have lukewarm feelings. Too often voters of all stripes are forced to decide between the better of two evils. This often leaves a bitter taste in voters' mouths. Fortunately, New Jersey citizens have a candidate for governor whom they can support proudly. I have strongly supported Chris Christie for governor since the beginning of the process. Of course, I was immediately attracted to his candidacy because I knew he could win, but the more I have followed him, and the more I have heard him speak, the more ardent my belief is that he would make a great governor. I hope all Rutgers students who care about the environment, taxes, spending, corruption and job creation voted for Christie-Guadagno.

Under Democratic leadership, taxes have skyrocketed to the point where New Jersey families cannot afford to live and work here. The average New Jersey family's taxes have increased by $10,000 in the past eight years. It is not just families that are feeling the heat of the high taxes. Businesses of all sizes are leaving — or just not coming in the first place — to our state because of high corporate and sales taxes. Why would a family live in New Jersey, with the highest tax burden in the nation, when that same family could move to Pennsylvania and pay less in taxes? An even more relevant question for college students is: Will there be any jobs left for college grads in a few years? While Gov. Jon S. Corzine raised taxes by $1.2 billion during a recession, Christie has a vision of lower taxes in New Jersey. He has promised across the board tax cuts for all taxpayers; he has proposed cutting the corporate tax rate, which will bring more jobs to New Jersey. He has also pledged to reinstate the property tax rebate, which Corzine stole from 1.2 million people.

Despite all the increases in revenue, New Jersey is still facing a projected $6 to 8 billion deficit. That is about one-third of New Jersey's budget. How can a state overspend by that much? Of course, Corzine wants us to believe that he is has been brave enough to cut spending for our state. While it is true that he has done so recently, it was only after he began spending money at an alarming rate. Our state does not have enough money to continue spending money on a reckless rate. Only Christie has the plan and the guts to cut spending.

Christie also has the strongest vision for the environment among the candidates running for governor. Christie wants to give incentives to clean energy producers who will bring green jobs to New Jersey. Christie supports expanding solar power farms, and he also plans on creating an agency to consolidate all renewable energy manufacturing efforts.  He proposed restoring the Department of Environmental Protection to its original mission of cleaning polluted areas. For all these reasons, Christie won the endorsement of the New Jersey Environmental Federation, the largest pro-environment group in the state. In the 2009 election for governor, environmentalists should have supported Christie, because he has emphasized the issue more than any other candidate, and he will be the best governor for the environment.

Christie served as the U.S. Attorney for seven years before deciding to run for governor. Do not let Corzine's lies and distortions fool you: Christie served admirably and courageously. He had a perfect record of 130 convictions and guilty pleas versus no acquittals. Even Corzine supported Christie as U.S. Attorney. It was only after Christie announced his candidacy that Corzine started portraying him as the boogeyman. But the reality is that Christie took on corrupt politicians like former Newark Mayor Sharpe James. He put terrorists behind bars, he fought against human trafficking and he fought alongside Newark Mayor Cory Booker against gang violence. Corzine has done nothing of the sort — and while he has not participating in corrupt practices himself — he has enabled corrupt politicians by not fighting the status quo. Christie has — and will continue to fight — against corruption.

The University overwhelmingly supported Barack Obama for president last fall. Although I voted for Sen. John McCain, I understood these passions for change, and I obviously understood their admiration for then-Sen. Obama. Christie offers students, and all of New Jersey, the chance to move past the corrupt politics and failed policies of the past eight years. I could go on and on about Christie, and I truly believe he is a good man, a good leader and that he would be a great governor. Whether Christie earned your vote, do not believe the attack ads being thrown against him by Corzine. Corzine, a desperate politician trying to keep his grip on power, has millions to spend on the election, and he had no record to stand on. His best strategy was to attack and destroy the most formidable opponent. However, no matter how much money he spends, and no matter how many times he insults Christie's integrity, he cannot spend his way out of four years of failure. Here's to hoping the next four years are better.

Noah Glyn is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore. He is also the vice president of the Rutgers College Republicans.

Noah Glyn

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