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Wrestling blowout headlines weekend filled with Seinfeld-isms

<p>Quarterback Chas Dodd won each of his first two starts behind
fourth-quarter comebacks but lost to Pittsburgh and South Florida
as pressure continues to mount on the freshman.</p>

Quarterback Chas Dodd won each of his first two starts behind fourth-quarter comebacks but lost to Pittsburgh and South Florida as pressure continues to mount on the freshman.

It is not snowing outside. There is no snow accumulating on the ground nor in the air nor anywhere on College Avenue. So anyone who ran cross-campus to update your Facebook status to say, "Really snow? Are you serious?" my rebuttal to you is: Calm down.

If you want to complain about inclement weather, hop in a car and drive six hours to upstate New York to experience real snow.

The truth of the matter is that it did not snow yesterday nor will it snow in the foreseeable future. In fact, on Friday it will reach a high of 60 degrees. So quit the complaining and enjoy the fact there are a few sunny days left before needing to hit up the tanning booths.

Remember that episode of "Seinfeld" when Kramer fell asleep in the tanning booth? It seems as if every moment in life can be a "Seinfeld" moment. Why not apply television's greatest contribution to society to Rutgers athletics?

Let's do it. This week's installment of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" comes courtesy of the four New Yorkers that made it cool to be the "master of your domain."

If only the cool bass lines transcribed to words better.




The Yada Yada — East Stroudsburg and Sacred Heart bused a combined 161 miles to face the Rutgers wrestling team and — yada yada yada — they went back home with losses.

Perhaps that is how fans of those schools will read into what went down at the Louis Brown Athletic Center on Sunday, but for the Scarlet Knights' faithful, they can relish in their team's 88-6 combined dismantling of the opposing schools.

While Rutgers faces much stiffer competition later in the season — as early as two weeks against Penn State — it is still a great kickoff to what should be an exciting season.


The Wig Master — Immediately after the season ended for the women's soccer team, freshman forward Jonelle Filigno swapped her scarlet threads for the colors of her native Canada.

OK, so they may be the same colors, but Filigno shined in Canada's 4-0 win over Costa Rica to qualify for the World Cup. The Knight notched a goal and an assist in the same week the Big East named her to the conference's Second Team.

Not bad, eh?


The Conversion — Before our eyes, the field hockey team converted from a cellar dweller with two wins in a season — last year — to a berth in the Big East Tournament this season, emerging as one of the conference's top four teams.

The Knights may have fallen in the first round to eventual champion Syracuse, but the body of work put together by the team this season has been nothing short of admirable and lands it in the "Good" section.




The Label Maker — Unlike the field hockey team who rebounded from a rough 2009, the conference woes of the volleyball team spilled over into the new decade.

After a weekend that saw Rutgers swept consecutively by two Big East squads in Syracuse and Marquette, the Knights are now labeled as the second worst team in conference play above lowly DePaul.

Luckily, Rutgers still has a chance to scrounge one more conference win this season with a season-ending contest at home against the Blue Demons.




The Puffy Shirt — The only type of person who would call a screen pass on third-and-21 on their own 4-yardline seems like someone who would fancy "the puffy shirt." That play-call in the third quarter led to a safety and made about as much sense as the aforementioned pirate shirt, as Rutgers fell by only one point to South Florida.

And what about quarterback Chas Dodd throwing the screen with running back Kordell Young still standing in the endzone? Or Young, a fifth-year senior, catching the ball while still the endzone and a defender bearing down on him?

The decision to run that play down to the execution was altogether puffed up.


The Soup Nazi — Head coach Greg Schiano gave freshman Chas Dodd another shot and it led to another dud. While nobody will ever know whether sophomore Tom Savage could have salvaged a win against South Florida, the fact remains that with the loss a bowl game seems eons away.

The Dodd project worked for two games, but the magic has run out.

No starts for you.

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