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Engage in debate instead of resorting to attacks

Yesterday's column, "Improve The Daily Targum," has once again proven that Democrats look to arguments and childish bickering rather than proposing solutions or consensual argument on controversial issues. Founded in 1869, the Targum is the second-oldest collegiate newspaper in the United States. It is one of the least biased types of media on campus, and I have seen plenty of large influxes of democratic biases. We do not need to improve the opinion pages in the Targum. What we need is a solid student voice and agreement on campus.

The column from April 6, "Renovate public school system to combat crime," addresses how the public school system is deeply flawed. It is failing American youths, and it is more evident in the black community. Those involved in the controversy between BAKA: Students United for Middle Eastern Justice and Rutgers Hillel should look to last month's "Stand Up for Peace" program. About 250 students came together on March 5 for a "Stand Up for Peace" program at the Douglass Campus Center featuring two comedians, one Jewish and one Palestinian. Students arguing like this on campus are examples of why political leaders still need to act on making treaties or peace compromises.

What good does constantly attacking the other party on campus do, except show that we are just like our party leaders? Let's separate ourselves from party politics and religious or racial disagreement. I have no reason to conform to the rest of the party ideals or other issues because I believe in a higher cause for peace and agreement on campus.

Connor Montferrat is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in criminal justice and political science with a minor in economics.

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