U. groups promote kindness by feeding hungry


One of the greatest lessons I have learned at this university has been the meaning of kindness. To put it as simply as I now understand it — being nice is the surface and being kind is the deeper level of concern for others. A kind person is someone who genuinely cares for the wellbeing and happiness of others and demonstrates it through his or her actions. It is not others’ perception of them that compels kind people, but rather the desire for the betterment of themselves, and others, that is their compulsion to act on their kindness. To tell someone to have a great day is nice, but to hope that it comes true is kind. Kindness is not merely doing what we would comfortably do, but also going out of our way for others. Inspired by the principals of kindness, Rutgers Shalom/Salaam, The

Muslims Against Hunger Project, Rutgers Hillel and the Pakistani Student Association would like to invite you to “The People of Abraham United Against Hunger,” which is an interfaith community service event where Christians, Muslims and Jews will prepare hundreds of meals for the hungry and learn more about each other’s faiths. Abraham, the first monotheist, was known for his remarkable kindness — he even designed his tent with four entrances so that he might greet visitors, both strangers and friends, from every direction. He is viewed as the father of the three monotheistic faiths, and it is fitting that his descendants unite together in his name inspired by the kindness that has inspired so much of their faiths. We encourage anyone, regardless of religion, to join us in this undertaking this Sunday, Nov. 20, at the Muslim Foundation Inc. Mosque, 47 Cedar Grove Lane in Somerset, N.J. off Easton Avenue. From 8 to 11:30 a.m., we will be preparing the food for the homeless. Afterwards, we will provide lunch and hear from various speakers as they describe the importance of topics such as charity and prayer. Later, we will bring the food to various locations to feed the hungry.

The event starts early but do not be deterred — we are happy to have students show up for as long as they can and whenever they can, as there will be various programming happening during the day. If you can provide any cold weather clothing for the homeless it would be greatly appreciated as the winter is rapidly approaching. If you need a ride from campus please email rutgersshalomsalaam@gmail.com or enter your information into our    website at rushalomsalaam.weebly.com/people-of-abraham-united-against-hunger.html

 We must work together with deeper kindness to achieve deeper understanding.

William Eastman is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in political science with a minor in general history.

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