Reverse global warming


The unseasonably warm winter New Jersey experienced this season elevates the debate of global climate change. However, the fact that New Jersey had its fourth warmest winter has done little to prove to students here at the University the reality that our planet is undergoing an unnatural warming. Unfortunately, climate change is but one of many environmental issues that students (and the population as a whole) are ignorant about.

Various forms of social media either misinform or do not inform at all on important environmental issues that affect everyone on a daily basis. Some of these crucial issues include climate change, air pollution and energy use. To get inside the minds of people and their thoughts regarding environmental problems is like trying to solve a puzzle with an infinite amount of pieces.

The current generation “Me” possesses a present-oriented mindset. “Why should I care about the environment if everything is OK now?” Our ecological footprints are becoming so big that even if we changed our mindset now and began to repair our planet, it might in fact be too late to fix. A different, interactive approach needs to be developed in order to change the way we think about global climate change, for the better of our planet. The earth does not have a “rewind” button, as much as we think it does.

Robert D’Arienzo is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior majoring in meteorology.

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