U. presidential choice disappoints


Besides having read the articles stating that University President Richard L. McCormick would be stepping down from the presidency, I admit I have not paid much attention to the presidential search. I trusted that those in charge would find a suitable candidate to take the reins — and as a recent Rutgers alumna, I should have known better.

The University has such a rich history and is so steeped in tradition that I would assume the committee would have looked within to appoint someone. But the newly appointed president, Robert L. Barchi, has no previous connection to the University, and therefore I assume he does not know the history, traditions and legends associated with my alma mater. How will we be assured that he will keep the University’s best interests in mind if he himself has no emotional attachment to the school? We need someone who is entirely committed to the essence of the University to defend it from budget cuts and looming mergers. We need someone with a comprehensive knowledge of the University’s history who will fight to keep its traditions alive.

I am extremely disappointed by this choice. And although I do not believe my opinion will change much, especially since I am a poor graduate student lacking the influence (aka money) to make a difference, I hope that my beliefs resonate with someone who can make a change.

Evelyn Litwinoff is a Class of 2011 University alumna.

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