Week-in review: laurels and darts


Students taking classes in Scott Hall reported hearing some pretty concerning screams around 6 p.m. Wednesday, so The Daily Targum sent a reporter over to the scene to see what the noise was all about. As it turns out, a Rutgers University Police Department car struck and injured a student making his way across College Avenue. Now, we’re not sure who’s at fault here just yet, but you know what they say — when in doubt, dart the driver. Of course, if that whole “free tuition if you get hit by a bus” thing is true, then the student had some pretty considerable incentive.

Solar panels on Livingston campus, reusable takeout bags at Brower Commons and behind-the-counter recycling at student centers? The University is sure looking greener than ever. At such a massive school, anything done to lessen our ecological footprint is a good thing. The University deserves a laurel for making strides towards a more environmentally friendly campus.

The Scarlet Knight — the University’s bobble-headed-cheap-plastic-foam-suit of a mascot — has officially moved from 15th to 14th place in Capital One’s Mascot challenge. Does that mean it’s time to raise that red solo cup and R-U-RAH-RAH the night away, you ask? Maybe, if it wasn’t for the fact that there are only 16 contestants in the competition. Basically, the only mascots not sucking as bad as we are right now are Brigham Young University’s “Cosmo the Cougar” and the University of Maryland’s “Testudo the Turtle.” We dart the Knight’s current standing and the failure of University students to prove their school spirit.

The steps of Brower Commons were faintly lit by more than 60 candles last night during an interfaith vigil held in remembrance of the seven Sikhs who died during the Aug. 5 shooting at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wis. Considering the August shooting — though no less important — was somewhat overshadowed by an earlier shooting that summer, it’s heartening to students still going out of their way to commemorate the victims affected by  the tragic event. The interfaith vigil and those in attendance deserve a laurel.

Oh Mitt, when are you going to learn? “Mother Jones” magazine released a video this week in which presidential candidate Mitt Romney eloquently dismissed almost half of the U.S. electorate by saying they’re all dependent on the government and probably won’t vote for him anyhow. Be careful what you wish for, Mitt … because with snarky comments like that, it may just come true. For this, we give Romney a dart.

After a campaign launched Wednesday by the Puerto Rican Action Board, New Brunswick is about to get a little more bilingual. Certain street signs in New Brunswick will now include messages in both English and Spanish, and considering New Brunswick is almost 50 percent Hispanic, this is certainly a good thing. We laurel the new effort. ¡Buen trabajo!

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