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Exorcisms and elusive leprechauns


A Vatican-certified exorcist spoke about his metaphysical healing process to an audience of 200 (William Peter Blatty was never consulted) Wednesday night at the Cook Campus Center. The Rutgers Catholic Student Association trusted that the student body would be able sit through such a bout of fraudulent nonsense without throwing cabbage and tomatoes. For better or for worse, their trust was not misplaced. It is certainly a bitter irony that 8 in 10 of those who seek the healing capacity of Rev. Gary Thomas are victims of sexual abuse. Of course, the New Testament teaches us that possessive demons cannot be destroyed completely, but only cast upon a herd of pigs. Or sent to another parish. A softer heart could have the slightest bit of sympathy for the Reverend. It must be as difficult for him to determine the 10 percent of actual possession cases as it was for the crowd of Alabama natives to spot that elusive leprechaun. I once tried to catch a leprechaun using nothing but my 7-year-old wits and a stainless-steel colander. Suffice it to say, the effort was fruitless. Perhaps I should have used silver. The Reverend also took it upon himself to describe the difference, which apparently exists, between truth and fact. Evidently the certified pedant was not in attendance. Thomas’ healing capacity would be put to better use exorcising the demons of the historically and presently corrupt institution from which he hails. I sincerely hope this balderdash was not taken seriously by a single unsaved soul in that room.

Ryan Ragoza is a School of Engineering senior majoring in mechanical engineering.

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