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Healthy options are available to students


I read with interest the opinions piece on weight gain in Friday’s issue of The Daily Targum, entitled, “Combatting weight gain, college-style.” My first year of college was many years ago at a different school than the University. Happily, my weight did not change much during those first years away from home. However in a way somewhat similar to the author, the weight gain caught up to me by the beginning of my middle age. During a visit to my doctor I found out I was borderline obese. Fortunately during the next year I actually did lose a lot of weight, which was really good for my health even though I was still very much overweight. I thought that the author identifies with overweight Americans as opposed to college students because students typically have a weight in the normal range. I see more overweight people in New Brunswick and elsewhere than on campus.

I am surprised the columnist implies that healthy food is not available to the students. I eat three meals nearly every day in the dining halls using a meal plan. Before most meals, I go to http://food.rutgers.edu/ and click on Menus. There I find nutrition information about the food offered at any meal in any dining hall.

Similar to the author, I have drawers filled with discarded trousers with waists too big to stay on my hips. I have made the decision that I will not be a glutton. A holiday meal with delicious food is not a reason, in my opinion, to take extra helpings. When I eat, I put 3 servings of food (an entrée, a starch and a serving of vegetables) on my plate. I take one fruit and one or two glasses of diet Pepsi. Usually I eat at the Brower Commons dining hall where I can get sugar-free Jell-O for dessert. That is my meal. I forgo seconds. If I go somewhere where there is free food, I pass it up especially if I have just eaten a meal. I do not eat snacks. Neither is a bake sale a reason to buy something sweet.

Using the above plan is the reason I have been able to stop my weight from fluctuating. Also, I wait until I feel hungry before eating my next meal. I go to http://food.rutgers.edu/ and click on Places to Eat and then Student Main Dining Room to get the hours of the meal times at the dining halls.

Martin Sandford Cole is a non-traditional student in the School of Arts and Sciences.

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