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Committee to save money, send abroad


Last semester, the University was accepted into the Committee on Institutional Cooperation after joining the Big Ten Athletic Conference.

Founded in 1958, the 13-member consortium shall evolve to 15, with the addition of Rutgers University and the University of Maryland. The news was announced Dec. 5, 2012, though the University will not become an official member until July 1, 2013. Students, however, will not reap the benefits until Spring 2014.

Though the exact implications have yet to materialize, the benefits such membership will bring to the University community are already clear.

Essentially, CIC members pool their resources, saving time and money. The perks of being admitted include a Summer Opportunities Program, a 100 million-volume library, and support for research — the latter growing from $8.4 to $9.3 billion in funding. Not to mention, the CIC works to advance academic missions, spelling out success for President Robert L. Barchi’s unprecedented university strategic plan, announced last year.

Additionally, campus resources will potentially become more affordable through CIC member contracts, and collaboration between member-universities will allow for greater access to materials in campus libraries. Graduate students will be able to take classes on CIC campuses, expanding collaborative research possibilities across institutions.

Also alluring is that the CIC allows students to take courses at other institutions online. In keeping with the ways of the future, it may be wise to take up this tech-savvy challenge.

This is sensational stuff for more than the obvious branding and name-recognition factor. It’s a collaboration that the University has never seen before. Academic officers of the most prestigious universities in the country will be at our fingertips for the consulting and sharing of expertise.

This give-and-take mentality promises to hone in on the best of the best. Like any healthy relationship, a reciprocal borrowing system promises great success.

And let’s not forget — the University has earned its spot in the CIC.

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