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Lay off the Christie fat jokes


Enough with the fat jokes, Jersey. We get it. Our governor is fat. Can we move on and start focusing on the real issues at hand now, please?

Gov. Chris Christie went on the “Late Show with David Letterman” a few nights ago and shared a jelly doughnut with the host. The media’s main takeaway from that interview was exactly that: a jelly doughnut. During his press conference on Tuesday, a portion of the governor’s statements was about his weight and dietary habits. Wait, are we missing something here? Is Christie running for N.J. governor or a Weight Watchers campaign?

We find it irritating that every time we’re trying to read up on our state politics, we have to sift through literally headline after headline about Christie’s weight. The media is pulling a cop-out by slacking on quality gubernatorial coverage, while also giving Christie a free ride by focusing on his weight instead of his policies and stances on issues pertinent to the N.J. community. There are more important issues to consider, like jughandles getting banned, for example. (No, really, check out our other editorial today).

While some sources seem to have Christie’s best interest at heart — pun intended — this phenomenon speaks volumes about our culture’s take on body issues: that they’re everybody’s business, and that everyone is entitled to be a critic. It also ties in Christie’s shortcomings as governor to his hefty weight and body frame, instead of observing those issues, and the way Christie chooses to address them, independently. When people want to criticize him, they don’t say, “He’s an incompetent governor.” They say, “He’s so damn fat” as if that has anything to do with his politics.

Basically, enough is enough. Let’s get back to real coverage, please. Christie, we’d much rather share some real and thought-provoking dialogue with you instead of a doughnut.

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