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Middle East needs students’ concern


Last week, outside missiles were shot into Syrian borders, and various sources speculated that Israel was behind the attack. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak made statements that seemingly affirmed Israel’s involvement, on top of Time’s shocking report from a Western intelligence official that the White House gave Israel “the green light” to commit further attacks in on Syria the future. The justification behind the support of the airstrike, which hit a Syrian defense facility, is in the case of rebels trying to get their hands on weapons of mass destruction. Apparently, the term “WMDs” — that embarrassing reminder of United States’ failed foreign policy — still exists, and is now present in Syria.

Even more pressing than whether American intervention should take place in this situation is the issue of University students not being more aware of the events taking place globally, and how they directly impact our lives right here in New Jersey. In this situation, the U.S. government’s exceptionally close ties with Israel are in question. Every year, we pay $3 billion of our tax dollars to what many people refer to as our strongest ally in the Middle East, which might actually be counterproductive. A report released by the CIA in 2012 blames the United States’ terrible relations with Arab countries on its unwavering support for Israeli decisions that otherwise undermine American interests in the region.

Unnecessarily tight alliances will pull the United States into any conflict that our allies might have with other countries — like it will if Israel decides to continue airstrikes on Syria. We must remember that our national budget has been completely depleted by our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our military involvement overseas is one of the top three reasons for our current deficit, which is the worst it has been since World War II. We simply cannot afford further intervention in the Middle East, especially for the sake of another country’s issues and decisions that are so clearly an inconvenience and detriment to our own.

More people need to become cognizant of the conflicts taking place in other areas of the globe and how they impact our lives at home. War in the Middle East disrupts humanity’s ability to achieve global peace. It is high time that the United States stops perpetuating it, and college students recognize their role in making that happen.

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