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Week in review: laurels and darts


The “Go and Glow Red” campaign, which raises national awareness about women’s heart health, entered a new decade today. For the first three days of February, University student centers will radiate in ruby. Don’t worry; but don’t just sit there and stare, either. Laurels go out to the efforts of the campaign, and anyone who wears red and donates money to research.


Canned, fresh air is now available via Chen Guangbiao, Chinese millionaire and entrepreneur. It’s not a joke – Wednesday, for 5 yuan, city-goers in Beijing had the opportunity to donate to charity and breathe a little easier. Much of China has been enveloped in dirty smog; Guangbiao’s aim is to raise environmental awareness. We’re sending a dart their way, but they’ll probably miss it under such heavy sky.


We love the fact that University campuses have been riddled with really cool people this past week; namely, Amy Goodman, Jonah Freelander, and Barbara Buono. For the threesome, we’ve created a tri-laurel. Goodman spoke about media’s potential for promoting peace; Freelander hosted a comedy night in the Rutgers Student Center; and Buono showed her support for students, documented and undocumented alike.


Unless you’re the lucky winner of lottery number 5, you probably aren’t too happy about yesterday’s drawing for next year’s housing. The new seniority factor proved unfavorable for to-be sophomores and juniors alike. The system, though refined, still manages to disappoint thousands of students per semester, a point that seems static. Social media platforms reveal sore losers, as they dutifully dart the procedure.


We are pleased to hear that, in response to our editorial yesterday, President Robert L. Barchi has finally agreed to meet with student leaders to discuss urgent issues. President Barchi will attend the RUSA meeting Thursday, Feb. 21. The public meeting will address state bills on in-state tuition for undocumented students. We shall reinstate his laurel after the meeting’s close.


Hopefully this dart has better aim than the women’s basketball team, recently. While the group won in a 72-54 victory against the Golden Eagles last night, we must dart their season as a whole. It’s been falling downhill for weeks. We love our ladies, and as athletics representatives of the University, they’ve got to start dominating the court again.

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