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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts


Here in The Daily Targum’s newsroom, we’re responsible for following leads, making stories and meeting deadlines, so one can easily understand why stress is our middle name. That’s why we’re so impressed with the team of Rutgers geneticists who developed a new model for understanding chronic stress. An extra bonus goes to their creativity in using roundworms for their project, which have far fewer neurons than (most of) us. This laurel goes to the people developing ways to make our newsroom a little more stress-free.


Dining hall hours have changed on us. Now, the student body’s primary source of sustenance can be expected to close a whole hour early, officially changing closing time from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. We get that takeout will still be open, but that’s under the assumption that takeout food is good. We all love sub night, but how about some other options? This dart goes to not thinking that decision all the way through.


The University is all about collective learning. Now, Rutgers is collaborating with the 4-H Youth Development Program on a youth oceanography program. The program is geared towards teens and features a host of interactive workshops, including an exploration of ocean studies. It is intended to create a bridge between teenagers and large universities — potentially future Scarlet Knights! This laurel goes to Rutgers for catching ‘em while they’re young!


This week hosted our beloved King Neptune Night, the one night every dining hall provides a buffet of endless seafood. We could predict the traditional backup of overcrowded attendees, but what we couldn’t predict was that everyone would flock to Livingston. Presumably suspecting the food would be better, students formed a line from the dining hall to the Kilmer Library, while Brower had no wait at all. This dart goes not only to our student body’s lack of common sense, but also to the shocking perceived disparity in dining hall quality.


The University finally has its first new art building in over 20 years. Mortensen Hall at the Mason Gross School of the Arts not only is a new outlet for creativity and learning, but it also flaunts a café and bubble tea spot. There’s even a performance hall for students to practice and develop their respective arts. The building’s multimillion-dollar price tag was 60 percent paid through donations. This laurel goes towards this philanthropic and welcome addition to our campus.


Yes, all our darts are about food. We Scarlet Knights take our scarlet stomachs seriously, which is why we have such a huge problem with the new Henry’s Diner. Has anyone in New Jersey ever heard of a diner that isn’t open 24 hours a day? Neither have we. As the diner state, we’d expect a diner on Livingston campus to hold up to its name. This dart is for violating the sanctity of diner hours at New Jersey’s state university.

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