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Locally raised turkeys better Thanksgiving option

Letter to the editor

With Thanksgiving around the corner, turkeys will be in great supply at your local grocery store. Some food for thought when purchasing your bird for the big day — many of the turkeys offered at your local supermarket are not raised with a green pasture to roam through and a big red barn to live in. Instead, majority of the store-brand turkeys for sale in your local grocery are raised to have such large breasts they cannot move, are housed in extremely over populated and unsanitary coops never and are feed a corn-based diet laced with antibiotics, which goes against their natural omnivorous diet. Not only are these farming methods not animal-friendly, but also less nutritious. Studies show that pasture-based locally farmed poultry is far more nutritious than its conventional counterpart, being richer in antioxidants including vitamins E, beta-carotene and vitamin C and containing far more omega-3 fatty acids. With this knowledge, maybe you will opt to purchase a turkey from your local poultry farm over the store-brand or conventionally farmed Butter Ball at the grocery store.

Sunny Brower is a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior majoring in nutritional sciences.

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