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City of New Brunswick releases police jurisdiction maps

The New Brunswick Police Department has released the current Memorandums of Understanding with the Rutgers University Police Department, as well as MOU’s since 1990 after a request made by Charles Kratovil, editor of New Brunswick Today, according to a press release from NBPD Captain J.T. Miller.

Kratovil initially requested access to all maps depicting boundaries or zones used to guide the NBPD and the RUPD in their law enforcement duties since 2010, according to mycentraljersey.com.

The December 20th request came after RUPD was stripped of their authority to pull over vehicles, issue traffic tickets or make arrests for driving under the influence outside of the campuses, according to New Brunswick Today.

Kratovil’s initial request was denied because of safety concerns, according to the press release.

The maps he wanted access to depict areas under investigation or surveillance, areas where there is drug activity and areas of identified current crime patterns, among other locations important to the police department, according to the press release.

The only situation in which the public would be denied access to the maps is if the maps would create a public safety risk if they fell into the hands of criminals, terrorists or anyone seeking to wreak havoc in New Brunswick.

On March 6, Kratovil requested a copy of the current Memorandum of Understanding between the City of New Brunswick Police Department and the Rutgers University Police Department, according to the press release. He also requested previous MOU’s since 1990.

“Included with the MOU is a map which defines the vehicle laws within the City of New Brunswick,” according to the press release. “We believe the information contained in this specific map does not expose security or safety measures that outweigh the public’s right to know pursuant to OPRA guidelines.”

Kratovil believes additional documents will prove that changes have been made to the police jurisdictions since December 2013. He is scheduled to attend an April 10 court hearing on the matter, and said a judge may order the city to release this supposed document.  

"Though the 12 pages released do not show any changes to the RUPD's jurisdiction since 2004, other documents independently obtained by New Brunswick Today confirm there were changes made on December 6, 2013," read Kratovil's New Brunswick Today article on the issue. 

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