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Historic architecture at Rutgers should be preserved

Letter to Editor

I’m reaching out on behalf of the Rutgers University Historical Society to plead against the destruction of the archways on Bishop Quad and their proposed replacement with discordant “storefront” enclosures. I have begun a petition, and I would like University President Robert L. Barchi to know that we are deeply dissatisfied with this proposal. Our educational environment and our heritage are important. The proposal is not an improvement but is a setback. However, I believe we are not alone in the Rutgers community. This is not just a campus issue but is indeed relevant to the preservation of New Jersey’s cultural heritage. The petition is online at, and we have already gained signatures from as far afield as Brooklyn and the list is growing.

The petition reads:

“These structures have local historical and architectural value. Moreover their proposed replacements are uninspiring at best and disturbingly aggressive towards the existing architectural fabric at worst. We believe the quality of educational environments, both interior and exterior, are not secondary but integral to the elevation of the mind and spirit. The fate of the Bishop Quad underscores poor stewardship of this responsibility.”

John Giganti is the vice president of the Rutgers University Historical Society.

By John Giganti

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