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Knights use technology to improve physical, mental skills

<p>Freshman Taylor Clark said Rutgers’ VISION54 program has helped the Knights improve all-around. The program allows RU to practice indoors.</p>

Freshman Taylor Clark said Rutgers’ VISION54 program has helped the Knights improve all-around. The program allows RU to practice indoors.

Technology’s innovations have allowed people to achieve things today that one would not have thought possible in past years.

The Rutgers women’s golf team has taken advantage of an innovative technological invention, called VISION54. VISION54 is a technologically innovative device dedicated to the game of golf that helps a golfer concentrate on their individual game.

According to its website, “VISION54 knows that golf is about more than just the grip, the stance and the swing. In fact, under the VISION54 principles, the golf swing is just one element of an integrated coaching approach that targets the complete golfer — the whole person.”

VISION54 has come to the aid of the Scarlet Knights this season.

The Knights just ended their regular season this past weekend, and as they prepare for the AAC Championships from April 20-22, they are catching a break at the right time.

Rutgers was barely able to practice on its home course this semester because of the weather. Now, it will get the opportunity to practice on its own course consistently in preparation for the AAC Championship, if weather permits.

New Jersey encountered an unusually harsh winter. There was a lot of snow and a lot of rain. This directly impacted the Knights’ preparation for every tournament this semester.

The snow and rain left Rutgers home golf course soaked. So instead of not practicing, the Knights turned to VISION54 to help and improve their game, day in and day out.

VISION54 strives to be a real-life simulation and better the golfers overall game through improving their mechanics and helping them adjust to different environment.

It is unique because it focuses on the physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of playing golf.

“VISION54 is the first golf training philosophy that combines the physical and technical elements of golf with the demanding mental and emotional aspects every golfer experiences during a round,” said head coach Maura Ballard.

The system allows the Knights to simulate a real golf round on a course. It also adds to the realistic factor in that the golfer can switch clubs depending on the shot presented at hand, and they can practice shots based on where the ball is placed on a course.

It offers many other helpful features, such as emulating different types of weather to prepare the golfer for the shot and environment at hand.

It is an odd way to approach the game of golf, but it is innovative and has become widely used in the sport.

Ballard first became aware of the system in 2010, when the two founders, Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott, presented it to the national golf coaches association.

But Ballard did not start using it until 2012, after she got more of an in-depth understanding of the system at a teaching seminar of the system.

Since incorporating VISION54, Ballard has seen nothing but positives.

“Implementing the VISION54 philosophy with my team has made a world of difference over the past year and a half,” Ballard said. ”The culture and chemistry on our team is at an all-time high and we have grown immensely through some challenging times.”

Sophomore Samantha Moyal also thinks that VISION54 is helpful and has improved her game.

“I think that golf is 75 percent mental. A lot of people forget to work on that aspect of the game,” Moyal said. “That is where VISION54 comes in. My mental game is completely different now than it was two years ago.”

Years ago, an invention of this nature never seemed possible.

But now that it is, golfers around the world have used it. It aids the sport of golf and those who embrace the sport to improve their game.

 “The VISION54 system is amazing,” said freshman Taylor Clark. “It is helping my game to reach a new level and it has allowed me to see the course in an entirely new light.”

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