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Halloween costumes made easy with quick makeup hacks

<p>Gently press the fishnet stocking onto different parts of the arm to create realistic looking scales.</p>

Gently press the fishnet stocking onto different parts of the arm to create realistic looking scales.

While seeing others sporting the same costume on Halloween is inevitable, stand out from the crowd of ghouls and goblins this year with Inside Beat’s list of the top nine Halloween makeup hacks. These’ll make you look “scarily” good.

Sugar Skull Face Paint

Reminiscent of calaveras from the Mexican Day of the Dead, the Sugar Skull is one of the most popular, yet individualistic, Halloween makeup looks. Look-wearers are encouraged to use creativity to produce colorful, intricate designs — no Sugar Skull look is the same. To maximize your design and minimize the difficulty of creating this look, use stencils. Craft stores sell them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and stencils provide the clean, symmetrical patterns characteristic of the Sugar Skull style. They can also be cut to double the amount of design options. Trace the stencils with an eye pencil to mark the shape’s outline, and fill in with face paint.

Sky-high Lashes

Halloween is no longer just an evening affair, but a weekend-long event. While you may need multiple costumes, fortunately, there are ways to recycle with makeup. Reuse false eyelashes, which can be worn up to 10 times after the first use. Clean them in rubbing alcohol or gently with soap and water.

Mermaid Skin 

Make a mermaid costume more authentic with scaly skin. Take a fishnet stocking and place your arm inside. Lightly dampen your arm with a wet washcloth. Then, take a makeup sponge and dab it in shades of metallic grey, green and blue cream eye shadow. Gently press a makeup sponge onto your fishnet-covered arm multiple times in different areas. Carefully remove the fishnet to unveil scaly skin underneath.

Kiss of Death 

Forget the messy blood capsules needed for every vampire and vampiress costume — instead, use a red lip stain pen to neatly draw fang marks and blood trails. Bonus: Use the lip stain on lips instead of lipstick. (Lip stain’s pigment will stay bright all night and won’t leave stain marks on teeth.)

Spider Web Eye

For those looking to channel their inner black widow, use an eyeliner pen or black cream eye pencil to frame one eye in a black cobweb. Get a more professional look by using a ruler to trace even, parallel spider web lines. Be creative with the shaping and placement of the cobweb.

Rad Rhinestones

To accent a makeup look or to play up the eyes, use rhinestones in different sizes, shapes and colors. However, the sticky adhesive on the back of the rhinestones does not offer enough security! For maximum hold that will last through the night, apply a small amount of eyelash glue, or even Elmer’s glue, to the back of the rhinestones with a bobby pin. Both adhesives are strong and skin-safe.

Bronzed Goddess

Almost everyone would like to be tan all year long, but a bronzed look can be especially important for certain costumes, such as the common Grecian Goddess. Avoid harmful tanning beds and orange-tinted spray tans, and instead, opt for a tinted body lotion for a glowing complexion. For an extra glow, mix highlighter into concealer. 

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