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Rutgers makes list of top universities for career paths

Penn State may have stolen a win from the Scarlet Knights in football, but according to LinkedIn’s new rankings, Rutgers may be the better option for media and marketing students.

On Oct. 1, LinkedIn came out with its rankings on the top universities to attend for various career paths. Out of 25 possible slots in each category, Rutgers ranked 22 for finance, 16 for marketers and 13 for media.

According to LinkedIn, the rankings were based on which schools led graduates to desirable career outcomes.

They defined desirable careers based on how well companies attract external employees and retain current ones. 

To find correlations between people’s places of employment and the universities they attended, 300 million LinkedIn users from around the world were analyzed according to LinkedIn’s official blog. 

LinkedIn analyzed individuals who graduated within the past eight years in order to reflect current employment trends, according to the blog.

The rankings were categorized by profession: finance, accounting, design, investment baking, marketing, media, software development and software development at startups.

Penn State ranked 23 for designers, 17 for marketers and 23 for media professionals.

The University of Pennsylvania had the most finance and marketing professionals, according to LinkedIn. New York University was No. 1 in media professionals. 

Rutgers’ high ranking in the media category did not surprise Claire McInerney, dean of the School of Communication and Information.

She attributed the success of the SC&I program to its dynamic faculty, media savvy students and internship programs.

Many SC&I alumni are engaged with social media, McInerney said, as shown through the amount of graduates with LinkedIn profiles. 

Students connect with alumni on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, which enable them to view possible jobs they are interested in, she said. 

Ashwani Monga, chair of the Department of Marketing in the Rutgers Business School, said these rankings should prompt more students to create LinkedIn accounts so they can try to connect with highly successful people.

“It’s the beginning of a very virtuous cycle,” Monga said. 

Ivan Brick, chair of the Department of Finance & Economics, said social networking sites like LinkedIn are crucial networking tools for students.

“Nowadays, most students do have LinkedIn accounts,” said Brick, who helped create a business school alumni network on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s rankings are an affirmation of the good students at Rutgers and the hard work the faculty puts in to help them succeed, he said. 

McInerney said with the new “SC&I Council,” executives in major companies advise faculty about the knowledge and skills students need before entering the workplace.

The long-standing, top-notch internship programs at Rutgers are “really wonderful,” she said.

Students have the opportunity to intern with major television networks, startups and large companies like Google, McInerney said.

One professor in the Department of Finance & Economics places about 50 Rutgers students into positions on Wall Street each year, Brick said. 

“I don’t think we would fare so well in our rankings without this,” he said. 

Monga said the rankings matter specifically because they are based on career outcomes. 

The rankings are not simply about money spent but big companies, prestige and what they can do for graduates, Monga said.

The Economist recently ranked Rutgers in the top 15 percent in the U.S. in return-on-investment, he said. 

“If you look at that and compare it to the outcome of jobs, it gives you a perspective on how well Rutgers has done,” Monga said. 

Students at Rutgers are taking the initiative and are actively involved in their success, with the help of an encouraging and experienced faculty, he said.

The rankings will keep moving up and down but the number is not what matters, Monga said.

“Coming out on top is huge news for the University as a whole,” he said.

Carley Ens

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