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10 Darling date places around Rutgers on a budget

<p>Take a break from the typical dinner date and head to Truly Yogurt on Easton Avenue for some fro-yo instead.</p>

Take a break from the typical dinner date and head to Truly Yogurt on Easton Avenue for some fro-yo instead.

It's no secret that everyone in college is trying to save money. Going on a date in college does not mean you have to break the bank. Here are some cute, fun date ideas that won't hurt your wallet!

1. Destination Dogs

For huge gourmet themed hot dogs with tons of toppings, this place is a great affordable date idea! Located on Paterson Street, right past where the Fresh Grocer used to be, the restaurant is complete with a bar and lots of seating upstairs for a casual night. Prices are very reasonable-hot dogs start at around $4. We highly recommend the Scarlet Bite hot dog!

2. Edo Japanese Restaurant

Hidden in a small hole-in-the-wall location next to Sparks on Easton, Edo offers a fine selection of sushi and ramen. For a sushi date that won't run up your budget, go during happy hour-their entire menu is offered for half price on Monday to Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.! 

3. The Hidden Library

Looking to get studying done with your significant other? The Gardner A. Sage Library, or, better known as the “secret” or “hidden” library, is one of the best, most secluded places to study on campus. This quiet College Ave library was built in the style of an elegant fourth century Roman church. Your date will be impressed with the beautiful architecture and stained glass windows.

4. Truly Yogurt 

No matter the weather, keep summer alive with a frozen yogurt date. Satisfy your fro-yo craving by going to Truly Yogurt, which has both sweet and tangy flavors and a large selection of toppings. Their selection is not only limited to frozen yogurt, they also can make custom bubble tea, floats and slushes.  Also, if it's not too chilly, check out the romantic outdoor backyard seating! 

5. Rutgers Gardens 

Located on the Cook/Douglass Campus, this beautiful ecological preserve is the perfect place for a nature date. Take a walk through the bamboo forests, trails and landscaping, and discover a multitude of rare plant species and wildlife. Whether your date enjoys hiking or simply a relaxing nature stroll, the Gardens are sure to please.

6. Plum Street Parking Deck

Go on a date to see the stars or admire the famous New York City skyline view. Travel to the very top floor of the Plum Street parking deck. It has one of the best views of the city and is super romantic! Now that it's getting colder out, bring up some hot chocolate (don't forget marshmallows) to keep you warm.

7. DIY Five Minute Ice Cream

This cute date idea doesn't even require leaving home. Have your own do-it-yourself ice cream date at home with two Ziploc bags. All you need is sugar, salt, milk, Vanilla extract, and ice. Put the salt and ice in the larger Ziploc bag, and all the other ingredients in the smaller bag. Put the smaller Ziploc bag inside the larger bag, and shake for five minutes. Enjoy your homemade ice cream! You can even get creative by incorporating a variety of sweet candy toppings or fruit as a healthier alternative.

8. The Stone Wall 

On the edge of a vast, empty meadow, The Stone Wall is located on the Cook/Douglass campus. For a date with a great panoramic picture opportunity, visit at different times of day. The Stone Wall overlooks Route 18 and the Raritan River-all in the makings of a scenic picture, or just a lovely, peaceful date!

9. Kilmer Square Park 

There are plenty of places to eat on George Street-Chipotle, Subway, Indochine, Starbucks, etc. Take your food to Kilmer Square Park, located on the corner of George Street and Albany Street. It offers a relaxing courtyard for you and your date to sit, eat or just enjoy the hustle and bustle of New Brunswick urban city life.

10. Caffe Bene

Celebrating a new opening on George Street this summer, Caffe Bene is a small coffee shop with an atmosphere and aesthetic that differs from familiar coffee shops. With delicacies such as macaroons, the menu has a lot to offer and is perfect for breakfast or lunch, complete with ice cream. Caffe Bene's pricing is similar to your average Starbucks-so you won't have to dig too deep into your pockets. Take your date here for a different coffee date experience! 

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