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Laurels and Darts: Week in Review


At a school with as many students as Rutgers, course registration is stressful, to say the least. A couple of Rutgers students recently developed “Rutgers Course Watcher” for students to keep tabs on closed courses and receive notifications as soon as it opens up to register. We laurel the students for their extremely helpful solution — and if you didn’t get the schedule you wanted yet, make sure you try out this free Chrome extension!


While the recent rise in crime around the city and near campus is definitely alarming, we’re happy to see that in response, the Rutgers University and New Brunswick police departments are stepping up with more patrols. We’ve been badgering them to increase security for a long time — and while its unfortunate that it took an actual rise in crime for that to happen, we laurel them for the effort and hope that it is maintained.


Every student needs access to at least a word processor in college, but Microsoft Office is anything but accessible with its more than $100 price tag. But it looks like we’re in luck: In a new deal with universities around the country, Microsoft Office will be made available to students for free. Rutgers is still waiting to figure out the details of the possible contractual obligations, but we laurel the potential deal for easing at least one part of the escalating costs of a college education.


Rutgers University Dining Services recently changed its policies again, and students with meal plans can no longer use their meal swipes to get combinations at campus cafes. It’s not that we can’t get a combo anymore with a meal swipe, it’s the fact that we’ve been using meal swipes for the value of $7.50 in the first place when they’re easily worth a good couple of dollars more than that.


Everyone has probably noticed by now that we’ve been getting even more crime alerts than usual, and it’s not just because the police departments are trying to keep up in the loop more. With winter already approaching, it gets dark earlier and earlier every week and we’re all on edge about it. The spike in crime gets a dart, and we hope that in addition to a reduction in crime, more is also done to address the underlying causes behind it.

Editor's note: A dart has been retracted because it implied that University Libraries changed its spending for its DVD lending program. 

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