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Hillary Clinton is the perfect candidate for the GOP

She confidently voted for the war in Iraq, joked about the murder of Muammar Qaddafi, organized a fascist coup in Honduras and led a racist campaign against Obama in 2008. She is responsible for destroying the lives of families around the world. Frighteningly, Hillary Clinton may very soon be on her way to becoming the first female war hawk president of the United States in 2016, and students have already begun to voice their opposition.

There’s a good amount of confidence among Republicans that she will run and indirectly fulfill their aims. An advocate of perpetual warfare in the Middle East and Latin America, she is the face of interventionism. This former home state senator of Wall Street has a cozy relationship with our country’s financial sector, and she is the preferred candidate of Ann Coulter, who remarked in 2008 that Clinton is to the right of John McCain.

Since her campaign has not formally begun, it is the job of righteous students to use this vital time to organize and discuss how we can stifle her campaign in its earliest stages. The main goal is to unite and build a platform from which our opposition can be voiced by reaching out to disillusioned Americans unaware of Clinton’s crimes.

Once Clinton begins her campaign, students must mobilize in order to expose Clinton’s grave ideology of interventionism and let her know the youth is against it. I know she will have a lot of opposition here at Rutgers, but if we don’t join forces and partake direct action campaigns, we will never make a difference.

It may seem early, but this time can be used to spread this fervor to other universities across the country. We need this time, as do citizens in other parts of the world who are under threat of her inevitable intervention in their already troubled nations.

What can you do to protect our nation and globe from this impending peril? Organize, mobilize and get your voice heard. Also, please contact me. My name is Emma Scully, a Rutgers sophomore and a feminist against Clinton. My fellow activists and I would love to find some more concerned people with whom we can fight in the name of true democracy.

As First Lady, Clinton was a part of a political dynasty dominated by white men who implemented acts like the North American Free Trade Agreement, the largest trade bloc in the world and one of the principal reasons for Mexico’s immense poverty and instability, and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, which extended the death penalty to crimes not resulting in death and contributed to today’s expansion of the prison-industrial complex that disproportionately affects our nation’s black and Latino populations. As secretary of state, she advocated racist drone warfare, which overwhelmingly affects innocent citizens and incites the Islamic terrorists we’re supposed to be fighting. As president, Clinton will continue these detrimental policies and increase the harsh airstrikes and attacks in the Middle East that we see all too often. Clinton stands for war, Wall Street, racism and imperialism. Hopefully, you don’t identify with all of these, meaning Clinton is not the candidate for you.

Emma Scully is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in English with a minor in history.

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