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Join ‘Ready for Hillary’ to partake in nationwide mobilization

She was a very successful lawyer, First Lady of Arkansas, First Lady of the United States, Senator of New York, and U.S Secretary of State. She is wonderful humanitarian advocate for women and children around the world and a loving mother and grandmother. Hillary Clinton may very soon be on her way to becoming the first female President of the United States in 2016 and her campaign has already begun with grassroots organizations and donors paving the way for her throughout the country.

Ready for Hillary is one of those organizations and it’s coming here to Rutgers.

Ready for Hillary is a Political Action Committee created for the purpose of organizing grassroots support for Clinton, if and when she decides to run in 2016. There’s a good amount of confidence among Democrats that she will run and get the bid from her party. Clinton is in very good shape. Since her campaign has not formally begun, it is the job of her supporters to give her an early boost and get her campaign going at the grassroots level. Ready for Hillary began doing that in January of 2013, and it’s still moving forward. Its main goal is to build a list of supporters from all around the country and then transfer that list over to Clinton and her campaign when it officially gets going. It is not a campaign, it is an organization built to bring grassroots supporters together nationwide, so that they can mobilize in support of her when she does choose to run. We are building that list here at Rutgers!

Once Clinton begins her campaign, she will need all her supporters to come out and vote, especially with all the polarization that our country has recently been going through. I know she will have a lot of us backing her here at Rutgers and we need to come together and make sure we make a difference.

What I’ve already done is created a Facebook page for Ready For Hillary here at Rutgers; search 'Rutgers Students Ready for Hillary,' like, and please share! What I want to do is grow our network of supporters here at Rutgers with the goal of finding every one we can. Once our page grows and Clinton officially begins her campaign, the goal is to then start creating an official club through the university solely for the purpose of gathering her supporters. Eventually we'll be able to hold events, table around campus, and have get-out-to-vote campaigns near Election Day.

It may seem early, but time is all we have and all she needs. The earlier we begin her campaign, the better.

What can you do to get involved? Like ‘Rutgers Students Ready for Hillary’ on Facebook. Please, get in touch with me! My name is Jeremy Atie and I’m a sophomore here. Find me on Facebook through the group. Give me feedback and ideas; I really need some people to work with on this. I would greatly appreciate it!

This is a great opportunity to get involved on campus as part of what is soon going to be a very big campaign. It’s a great opportunity to engage with other people who share similar views with you and to work together with them to make a difference.

As First Lady, she was there for the small problems and the people that were silenced and received no wide national coverage. As Secretary of State, she did the dirty work in leading us through all the big problems. As President, Clinton will lead us through the good and the bad, and never forget those that are often silenced. Hillary stands for opportunity, dignity, freedom, and equality for all. No matter what party you identify yourself as being a part of, if that’s what you stand for, join Hillary.

Jeremy Atie is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science with minors in Arabic and geography.

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