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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts


Students Have Rights Too

President Obama has devised a Student Aid Bill of Rights to serve as “a simple declaration of values.” His aim is to ensure that all students are afforded financial respect in the quest for higher education. One provision of the declaration acknowledges that, “Every student deserves access to a quality, affordable education.” This laurel goes to President Obama for addressing how the rising cost of a college education is leading students into dangerous financial situations.

Breaking up with Spring Break

In college, spring break is intended to be a time when students can relax and unwind from the undeniable stress that comes with six weeks of classes. This spring break, however, it snowed, professors assigned homework and a week proved to be too short a time for vacation and relaxation. This dart is for spring break, you were here and then all of a sudden … you weren’t.

Geekin’ Out All Week Long

Oftentimes the term “geek” carries a negative connotation, but some students here at Rutgers don’t agree. The Rutgers' fourth annual Geek Week or “Geek Week: Episode IV,” was held this past week and featured a Nerd Girl panel, a lecture from a NASA scientist and an Evening with George Takei. This laurel is for all the geeks out there who aren't ashamed to wear the label proudly. Keep on trekkin’.

Death and Taxes

A new study has found connections between downward trends in the economy and suicide rates. The data revealed that there has been a 40 percent increase in suicides among 40 to 60-year-old Americans in the past 16 years. This dart goes out to the American mentality that press individuals to value money to the extent that they would put their lives on the line.

Coloring the White House Scarlet

A class of 2012 alumnus is representing the Scarlet Knights at the most notorious building in Washington, D.C. — The White House. Zaid Abuhouran, who joined Teach for America upon graduation, now works with the Department of Education as a Presidential Management Fellow. Through his position, he assists with the implementation of projects like “Race to the Top.” This laurel goes out to you, Abuhouran, for showing U. students that there’s hope after graduation.

Greek Life Woes

Fraternities across the nation have been coming under fire for their actions recently, and Rutgers students are no exception. Sigma Phi Epsilon has been shut down due to an underage drinking incident that lead to hospitalization. Such actions reinforce unnecessary stereotypes about fraternities. This dart is for all the members of greek life that allow their actions to cast a negative light on the entire system.

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