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Jet set sipping, tropical drinks reminiscent of spring break

Now that Tequila Sunrises have once more been replaced by New Brunswick sunrises, in all of their construction sound ridden glory, those who travelled to sandy beaches this past spring break won’t be surprised to find their minds still on vacation, despite their current physical location.

As the lecture halls slowly begin to heat up in accordance with the outside temperatures, it becomes increasingly easy for those 21 and over to revive a little bit of paradise through the creation of their own DIY drinks. Inside Beat celebrates the ice cold, boozy classics, while adding several modern twists. Follow these simple drink recipes to beat the heat-with a buzz, of course.

Fall in Love with the Coco

And by “Coco,” we mean Coca-Cola, a novelty for all students attending a Pepsi school. Regardless of your stance in the age old Coke vs. Pepsi debate, just about everyone can agree that in terms of classic combinations, rum and coke is the adult version of peanut butter and jelly. 

Challenge your Captain and Coke “C” themed alliteration by adding another sweet ingredient to the mix: vanilla. Vanilla extract will complement the crisp bite of the soda and add an extra hint of flavor to this conventional favorite. As in the case of the rum, don’t hesitate to be heavy handed with the vanilla.

Be Piña Colada Poppin’

Bust out that lei, and get ready to belt the lyrics to the Piña Colada song, but don’t expect to do so with a glass in hand. Trade the heavy, sticky glass for a chicer, cleaner innovation: the Piña Colada Popsicle. To make your own hip popsicle, blend pineapple cubes, sugar, rum, coconut milk and water. 

For a smooth consistency, pour the mixture through a sieve into a plastic ice pop mold, or whatever miscellaneous shaped container you’d prefer. The sieve will catch any unblended pineapple pieces. Freeze molds for thirty minutes, then add popsicle sticks. Given the denseness of the drink mix, let molds freeze for a day to avoid breakage. 

With all this palm freedom, you’ll be able to make like the Hawaiians do and slip into that old grass skirt that seemed like a valuable “investment” months ago. Well congratulations, because you were right.

Go Mad for Mojitos

A traditionally made mojito is always a refreshing summer drink option. Easy to make, and liked by most, it is virtually always a crowd pleaser. However, the drink’s popularity makes predictability inevitable. To shake up a regular mojito, which is generally prepared by topping rum with club soda and then garnishing the liquid with mint leaves soaked in sugar and lime juice, simply tweak the ingredients. 

While many fruits are reminiscent of summer, there is only one that truly embodies those sun soaked days in one single bite: the mango. See where we’re going with this? If you guessed “mango mojito,” you’ve got the idea. To make a mango mojito, swap regular rum out for mango rum, and blend it with slices of mango. 

Saturate the mint leaves in juice and place them atop the beverage once you layer the mango concoction and the club soda. Proceed to tell everyone just how “healthy” you’ve been eating. After all, the mojito is basically a fruit now.

Although the anticipated heat waves of summer have yet to arrive, you’ll impress everyone with your newfound mixology skills.

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