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Combating your winter beauty woes

William Shakespeare once wrote, “Now is the winter of our discontent.” A line that might be irrelevant outside of an English class surprisingly becomes just the opposite if we imagine our respective beauty regimes as personified rebels, quoting the Bard’s line back to us in a fit of snowy rage. 

Skin dryer than the Sahara and lips cracked more severely than the screen of your smartphone are only the beginning of the toll that the winter months inevitably take on beauty. While Inside Beat can’t stop the snow from falling –– and no longer wants to build a snowman –– we can offer something far better than a class cancellation: fool proof advice to fight winter’s bite.

Defy the Dry: 
Winter is notoriously hailed as “cuddling season,” and in a bad sort of joke, is also the season where skin is most likely to dehydrate. 

For those not looking to scare off "bae" with scaly lizard skin, fear not: moisturizing just got easier. Although lotion has long been viewed as the savior of dry skin, regardless of application time, moisturizing is shown to be most effective when done in the shower. 

Many companies make lotions specifically for in-shower use, although any formula thrown into a shower caddy will suffice. Simply towel off, and apply lotion as desired. The residual steam will lock in hydration, making accidental in-bed leg brushes a lot less daunting, and your skin a lot less creature-esque. The Jurassic Park aesthetic was never flattering anyway.

Get Mouthy:
Nowadays, most people’s lips closely resemble Brower's grilled chicken in terms of dryness. If that doesn’t appeal to you, then slathering on an egg shaped balm to combat winter winds will. 

That is, of course, until it disappears forever into that mysterious land where all bobby pins, hair elastics and chap sticks seem to escape. In the event that you do lose your first line of defense against chapped lips, turn to an already familiar entity: your toothbrush. 

Gently rubbing a toothbrush against your lips will exfoliate, and rid them of any dry, dead skin. Next, apply a thick lip salve, such as Vaseline, and let it sit overnight for best results. Repetition will lead to smooth, supple lips. 

Alternatively, if the slug-like texture proves to be too gross for you, turn to green tea instead. Known for its moisturizing abilities, pressing a damp tea bag to your lips for several minutes can alleviate dryness. Simply drinking green tea will help as well, so swap out the ABP coffee, which only further dehydrates.

Avoid Hair Scares:
While sporting the wet hair look can only lead to icicles and an impaired hair flip ability, hair is often tortured by flat irons, hair dryers and other heating tools. 

As if the brutal burns these accessories can cause aren’t enough, many people saturate their manes with products like anti-frizz serums. Myth busted: while anti-frizz serums may be somewhat effective, hair is naturally dryer and more brittle in the winter due to weather conditions. To avoid frizz, take cooler showers: the hotter the water, the dryer the hair, and therefore, more frizz. 

While the weather is cool, keep a look that's cooler: follow these simple tips to stay supple, smooth, and glossy just in time for Spring's debut.

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