HORU April 20, 2015

"We were just recently re-partnered with CALU, which is Change A Life Uganda which helps work with health education and micro-enterprise within rural Uganda. So this summer's initial trip is going to run for three weeks and it's really going to be about getting to know the organization, seeing where we can fit in, and how best we can work, and then hopefully drafting up some project ideas for the following year. We just found a project that we'll be working on while we're there this summer, but usually it's a more long-term project. This year, we'll be working with CALU's WASH program, which is Water and Sanitation and Hygiene as part of UNICEF. So we'll be working with the children in a school over there and basically what we'll be doing is taking activities that deal with our Global Heath Education segment and teach the kids about CALU's WASH program, and then eventually help them to make visual art projects or a newsletter to basically get the word out. We want the children to be the ones teaching the community about WASH and getting them to understand about health, sanitation and hygiene. And that'll be something they continue to do, to teach their community about water and how to properly use it and all the things that go into that. The overarching goal is always to re-partner, so we want them to get to the point where they don't need us and we can move on and work with a different organization. So that's the end-goal; self-sustainability."

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