HORU April 30, 2015

"Because my dad's job was transferable, we would always have to move. So really, I've never really spent more than around two years in one state, except Mumbai. After spending five years in Mumbai, I migrated to America. I've always had to move to new schools, make new friends. I've actually lost count of all of the schools I've been transferred into.
Every time we moved, I'd be upset over having to go make new friends and settle all over again in a new place. It was very difficult. But now that I look back, I think it's the best thing that ever happened to me because today it helps me tell my story. Almost all my friends talk about going to see their childhood friends, but I can never really do that because my childhood friends are pretty scattered throughout different places in India. When you meet new people, meet different people, and learn from their stories, you don't realize that you carry all of these lessons and mannerisms with you as you go. You kind of just get a piece from everyone, everywhere you go and marinating in that, I've formed my own identity and personality."

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